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Extension Cord with textile cable LM21 Canvas Beige

Extension Cord ready-to-use with textile cable. 

Linear electrical extension with cable wrapped in canvas beige fabric, plug and socket.

Ideal to give a color tone to your creations. 

Contact us if you are looking for a special product! Create the ideal lighting accessory for your home. 

H03VV-F 2x0.75 cable.
Length: 1.0mt - 2.0mt - 3mt - 5mt
10A 2P plug - 10A 2P socket

Made in Italy

Cable length
N° of cores
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Caratteristiche tecniche

Color01 Canvas Beige
Style Round


Extension Cord.

Cable H03VV-F 2x0,75

1,0mt - 2,0mt - 3,00mt - 5,00mt

Plug 10A 2P - Socket 10A 2P

Made in Italy

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