Extension Cord ready-to-use with textile cable

Extension Cord with textile cable LM19 Abyss

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Extension Cord ready-to-use with textile cable. 

Linear electrical extension with cable wrapped in Abyss fabric. Perfect for DIY.

Combine it with one of our colored textile cables. Create the ideal lighting accessory for your home. 

H03VV-F 2x0.75 cable.
Length: 1.0mt - 2.0mt - 3mt - 5mt
10A 2P plug - 10A 2P socket

Made in Italy

Cable length
N° of cores
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Extension Cord.

Cable H03VV-F 2x0,75

1,0mt - 2,0mt - 3,00mt - 5,00mt

Plug 10A 2P - Socket 10A 2P

Made in Italy

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