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Asola 2 Way Switch in Porcelain ø80mm

Porcelain 2 way switch with a vintage “buttonhole" shaped command.

10A 250V suitable for creating vintage style electrical systems.

These products help create your own vintage style visible lighting system

Its range of colors make it perfect for different types of rooms, lofts or taverns.

Combine them with our braided textile cables to create your own vintage style visible electrical system!

Diameter 80mm, Height 50mm.

The product is equipped with a single cable input hole.

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Caratteristiche tecniche

Color01 Black White
Material Porcelain
Function Switch


Asola porcelian 2 way switch.

Rated for UK use at 250V and capable of switching a 10A load.  Size is 50mm diameter and 80mm Deep.

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