Indoor Lighting

Round textile cables, flat textile cables, woven textile cables, cables for visible installations, XL cables or single core cables for the lighting of your home. Ceiling roses and lamp holders in different shapes, sizes and holes, in porcelain, metal, in wood, in leather, in cement, in thermoplastic.
Electrical products, plugs, dimmers for lamps, terminals, terminal blocks, cable clamps and switches.
Components for visible vintage electrical system
In this section you will find all the electrical components in the LaMorell catalog necessary to create your designer lamps completely by yourself to create your indoor lighting project.
Use light to complete and enrich the atmosphere of your home, to make your shop special, your office welcoming. Trust our experience and the quality of our products to realize your lighting idea, customize your light points, choose the perfect chandelier, the right bulb, the most suitable component, and make your light design unique and special.

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