Ready to use

Lampshade, floor or lamp holder wiring, multi-sockets, extensions, spotlights and lamps.

In this section, LaMorell offers you a wide selection of ready-to-use lighting products.

Think about how you would like to light up your home, we'll take care of the rest.

Match your lighting project with the colors you have chosen for your home, your shop, your office.
Choose the right colored textile cable, match the perfect wiring with the color of your sofa, and extension chords’ to that of the walls. Complete your decor with the right lamp color and spotlights.

Trust LaMorell to customize the lighting of your rooms

Choose the most interesting color combination, or contact us if you are looking for a special product! We will make it happen!

Lampshade wiring Floor Lamp Wiring E27 Lamp holder wiring Complete Lamps Table lamps Multi sockets with textile cable Extensions with textile cable Spotlights

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